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DAON: BEYOND LIMITS is a non-profit studio founded in Dec 2020.
We provide 3rd Party Game Services aiming to provide better end-user experiences for everyone. We served more than 120K unique users.

Our Accomplishments and Challenges

We started our studio with the vision to provide a better and safe gaming environment for everyone, regardless of one's age, gender, origin, or beliefs. Though we had numerous challenges, we made remarkable accomplishments throughout many years.

We will continue to provide the best game environment for gamers worldwide. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

We currently offer a variety of services within our community and are always adding new ones to attract a diverse user base. Unlike larger communities focused on popular games, we specialize in small or medium-sized games that lack enough communities for users to interact and share ideas.

Our approach is unique; we focus on indie games that are underrated, providing a space for enthusiasts to connect. With our management experience, we stimulate the user community as a whole each time we add a new indie game to our community. Our goal is to create an inclusive and safe environment where users can explore their interests and share their experiences.

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Longvinter Infrastructure Sponsorship

We have provided Asian server infrastructure to Uuvana Studios Oy for their multiplayer game: Longvinter. We also host one of Asian official servers in the game.

SCP: Secret Laboratory Official Servers

SCP: Secret Laboratory is a game developed by Northwood Studios (https://scpslgame.com/). We run Official Server approved by Northwood Studios and multiple Community Servers to serve 4000+ unique players daily in APAC region.

Discord Indie Games Community

We created a Discord (https://discord.gg/daon) community that became one of the largest Indie Games Community with 13K users and 20+ games available.

Beyond Squad

Squad is a game developed by Offworld Industries (https://joinsquad.com/). We provide one of the biggest Northeast Asia platform that provides best connections & ddos protection for NEA & SEA Players.


Rust is a game developed by Facepunch Studios (https://rust.facepunch.com/). We founded RustyCrown for Rust users. Which is well-known for its management and safe gaming environment.

And more! Coming Soon

We own Bot Laboratory that develops utility tools for game management and Discord moderation. We also have subsidiary companies specializes in content productions. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our subsidiary.


YesImHandsome (@YesImHandSome)

Korean / 55K subscribers


Korean / 8K subscribers

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